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Refusing to follow the modern food industry production which only mimics freshness, at Café Mandarina, fresh authentic nourishing food is of the essence.
Our Company Values

Fresh authentic nourishing food is of the essence.

At Café Mandarina, it is like we’re cooking dinner for our family, and you happen to drop by. We cook food for our guests with the same care and conscious as we cook for ourselves at home. Most of our dishes are made from scratch using fresh ingredients from local farmers, along with products from our own farm.
We take care of preserving as many nutrients as possible in the preparation of our beverages and dishes. We use hand-cut herbs mainly grown on our farm to enhance our homemade and organic stocks, sauces, and dressings, and fresh juices our juicers. We also source superior ingredients such as pure swiss honey that substitutes sugar in the preparation of our homemade desserts and sweet beverages, and use organic products whenever possible. Away from processed foods, we are aware of where your food comes from. We conscientiously prepare it and serve it, from seed to your plate.
A Little Of Our Story

Café Mandarina was established with the simple premise of serving great quality food, providing friendly and efficient service in a warm atmosphere reminiscent of home.

Headquartered in the bustling metropolis of Abu Dhabi, Café Mandarina is proud to have been conceived and developed in the UAE, and we are continuing to build upon that success through the passion and dedication of our team, and through our customers who help us to evolve and improve upon the foundations which the company was built.
Since our inception, the restaurant concept has grown to include outside catering. Our goal is to be a leading player in the casual dining industry.