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The brand was made with the understanding that people from all walks of life are craving for the freshness of siomai should feel at home eveytime they eat in any of our branches. These moments of joy are why siomai house name is loved.
Our Company Values

We ensure the satisfaction of our customers by maintaining high quality, safe and affordable products, excellent customer service and strict implementation of our standards.

We are committed to maintain the status of the company of being the leading and most profitable food cart brand by continuously providing superior, affordable and great tasting product in an efficient, effective, timely delivery of service.
A Little Of Our Story

Most recognized and established Siomai brand in the Philippines

Siomai House is the trademark of the Bernabe’s food venture business. The taste of their Siomai products has led to the products success in becoming one of the Filipinos’ favorite cart food. To date, there are more than 500 Stalls of this business located in defferent branches Luzon wide (Philippines).
Siomai House started in 2004 when Michael “Mac” Bernabe started a distinctive tasting delightful siomai. This was introduced unexpectedly at the vacated commercial slot beside their outlet of Empanada Especiale in Northmall LRT station Caloocan… and the rest was history.